Make a cozy camper out of your van in 10 minutes.

how to change Sitka within few seconds

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Visu Sitka

Visu Sitka is removable camping unit that turns your car in cozy camper and doesn't make you compromise just because it's cold or raining outside.

With Sitka you will not only get a sleeping space in your van but also a table, seating, colossal storage space and equipped kitchen.

about Sitka

We are just like you

We live and work in a city. But we want to spend every possible moment in the nature where we really feel alive. We love looking for adventures and discover places we've never been before.

We do our very best to make every trip, every journey and every adventure as we dream it and not as someone dictates to us. We just want to enjoy the freedom of traveling.


Instalation – camper van in 10 minutes

We did dozens of spontaneous trips, so we know very well how important it is to be flexible and always ready. That's why installing Sitka is so simple and fast. So let's take a look at how to transform your car in a camping van in 10 minutes.

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Sitka – comfy sleeping space in a van

Rest is a very important part of traveling. From our own experience, we know that after a long day driving or challenging hikes in the mountains, a peaceful and comfortable sleep is the only thing you want.

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6 apps for van explorers

Are you going to take a two-month roadtrip across Europe or just a few days in Italy? These apps could be your best friends.

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