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Visu Roofka

Roofka is a sunroof that will protect you from sun rays and provide a shadow. It will also hide your outdoor furniture from dew or rain at the campsite.

The main things you will appreciate on Roofka are its foldability and simple and quick installation. Using Visu Rail (a rail that is attached directly to the car by high-quality 3M VHB tape) you can easily attach the sunroof to the car, set up aluminum legs and fix with rigid tightening straps and pins.

Unlike a rolling awning, Visu Rail is absolutely noiseless, with no resistance when driving. On most cars, it's almost invisible. The advantage of Roofka is its foldability. All the components you carry in the car have a size of 110 × 20 × 10 cm, packed in a handy waterproof case to keep it all together.

Price: 250 EUR (21% VAT not incl.)

Roofka Large

width (on car): 250 cm
lenght (distance from the car): 240 cm
package size: 110 × 20 × 10 cm

Roofka Small

width (on car): 200 cm
lenght (distance from the car): 240 cm
package size: 110 × 20 × 10 cm


  • Visu Rail
  • Rainproof gray tarp
  • Foldable stands
  • Fastening straps with buckle
  • Pins
  • Waterproof sleeve packaging

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