6 apps for van explorers

Are you going to take a two-month roadtrip across Europe or just a few days in Italy? These apps could be your best friends.


If you have just bought a van and you are ready to ride, this app is a musthave! In a paid version you can use it even offline, which is particularly useful in remote locations without a signal. And what is it about? It's a box full of camping spots including reviews of people who stayed there, including photos. You can also check out if you can get to the place with a big caravan or if you need 4x4. The app is constantly improving, so you can plan your trip from home and choose where you want to sleep in advance. It is originally spanish app, however the overwhelming majority of reviews are in English.


Maybe you haven't heard about this app yet but we highly recommend it! It's very detailed touristic map which you can use for hiking trips or even in the cities. It works really great and you should definitely try it!

Google Maps

Mapy.cz has much more to offer in touristic maps, but Google is leading the roads and highways. What (so far) can not handle maps.com can handle maps from Google absolutely accurate. Congestion, delay, road repairs, detours. Well, in traffic, Google is the king.


If you like sleeping not only in the van, but sometimes you go for a overnight mountain hike, you should remember this web. App is unfortunately not ready yet.


Once you download Tripoto, you'll want to go on the road right away. Tripoto is a travel social network where travelers share their experiences, travel itineraries, diaries and photos. So you can find a pile of information from other travelers in a minute and get tips where, which way and for how much.

Google translate

Yes, can speak English, but this is simply not enough. This app will help you with Cyrillic inscriptions, translate spoken word, or speak for you in Chinese.