Instalation – camper van in 10 minutes

We did dozens of spontaneous trips, so we know very well how important it is to be flexible and always ready. That's why installing Sitka is so simple and fast. So let's take a look at how to transform your car in a camping van in 10 minutes.


First thing are the benches. Each weighs up to 25 kg (depending on the type of car), so it takes only one person to put it in the car. A table is placed between the benches, where it is then attached to the construction by means of 4 screws. A clutch is then placed on the front of the structure to ensure that everything stays on its place.


To prevent Sitka from moving there are used anchor elements. There are four meshes on the construction itself, through which the textile straps are threaded and fastened to the anchor points built into the van floor.


You can either pack yourself to the Tashkas at home or you can put things into them in the car. In any case, they can be easily assigned in the car by lifting up the hinges on the benches, inserting and attaching Tashkas using prepared patents. Explore Tashka more.


Comfortable sleeping is provided with 7 pieces of mattresses, 5 of which have a velcro fastener at the bottom. You can find the other part of a velcro fastener on the benches so you can simply put them on top of each other. Everything stays at its place!

Ant that's it!

Seriously, that's all. Once you have the desire to sit on your travels, put the middle two mattresses against the walls of the car, lift the table and pull out its leg. Ready to relax in 15 seconds.

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