Sitka – comfy sleeping space in a van

Rest is a very important part of traveling. From our own experience, we know that after a long day driving or challenging hikes in the mountains, a peaceful and comfortable sleep is the only thing you want. As a result of the development of our camping unit, we have taken special care of the mattresses, their ventilation and easy maintenance. All you have to do is select the right spot. Let's get closer look on the sleeping space you get with Sitka.

Quality solid mattress

There is quality sandwich mattresses on the ventilated plywood. They consist of a 5 cm foam RE 100 that provides a stable support and a 2 cm softer foam in the upper part for comfortable seating and lying. This combination provides a stable and comfortable back support.

Resistance & maintenance

All mattresses are coated with a washable fabric that has a 100,000 rpm abrasion resistance. The fabric is unsuspecting, that means if you, for example, accidentally cut it with a knife you will not shudder. The entire cover is stitched with high-quality outdoor threads that are extremely durable. You can have Sitka in several color combinations and it's up to you to choose.

Everything in its place

To prevent the mattresses from slipping, they are attached to the plywood by means of Velcro fasteners. It holds in its seats, even if you use the hinged lids. The only exception is the two middle parts of the mattresses, which are used as a comfortable backrest when sitting. You do not have to worry because due to the precise fitting between the mattresses in the lying position, there are no gaps.

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No wet mattresses

When sleeping in a small area, moisture accumulates much faster than in the bedroom. Therefore, it is important that the mattress ventilate and drain moisture. This ensures the holes in the plywood directly beneath them. And therefore air flow and the mattress "does not sweat" from the bottom. As you can see, we are not just thinking about design, but we also reflect practicality, maintenance and usefulness in our product. We believe that there should be no space for compromises when it comes to quality of a camping unit. Explore Sitka closer and you will see.