Visu Tashka – the royal storage space

We do not want to waste space because there is never enough of it on the long trips. That's why you will not find an inch of unused room in our camping unit. We decided to take full advantage of it as a storage space. Thanks to tha, you can take whatever you (do or really do not) need on your journey.

300 litres

That's a good portion of space, don't you think? You have access to this royal space from inside the car as well as from the fifth door. Using the fifth door, you will reach the area where an optional cooking modules will soon be added as well as water module. The second part of the space is divided into 4 sections, each with Tashka, which you can easily reach - using the hinged lids.

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Visu Tashka

You will appreciate Tashkas especially when packing or unpacking. Thanks to its practical attachment with patents in the steel construction, you can take Tashka out and insert it again at any time. That allows you to pack your stuff at home and then simply bring it to the car. We just said STOP to a looong (un)packing.

Access anytime, anywhere

As we have already mentioned, Sitka does not have a bench just for sitting but it also serves as an access your stuff in Tashkas. The bench is divided into two halves, so while sitting on one, you can easily reach to the second one for a warm blanket.

Practicality in the first place

We make Tashkas in 3 color variants, the bottom is always black. This is due to maintenance-related practicality.

Use the space your own way

Do you go skiing? No problem! Tashkas can be taken out so you can take let's say just 2 of them. In the second half you will find space for everything you need for your active vacation.