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Pack and go. In 10 minutes. Comfort camper with no compromises.

that's Sitka

Convert your van

Visu Sitka is a solution for fast conversion of a van to mobile home with removable modules.

Comfortable sleeping and sitting

Thanks to the clever solution, Visu Sitka is not only a bed, but also a seating with table. Whether it's cold or the rain outside, you'll stay dry and comfortable.

Living in van

In Sitka you'll find huge storage space. With Visu Tashka you can pack everything at home.

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Seating and bed

Basic module of Visu Sitka. Thanks to its unique design, you'll get a bed and comfortable seating with table in one unit.

  • spacious seating
  • comfortable sleeping
  • quality materials
  • sandwich mattresses
  • easy to install

Storage space

Thanks to Visu Tashka, you don't have to limit yourself. 300 liters of storage space you can pack at home.

  • durable fabric
  • press buttons for snap
  • solid bottom
  • pack at home
  • absolutely silent

Kitchen module

Do not limit yourself - cook anywhere with everything at hand. Clearly organized and yet compact.

  • easy to instal
  • work and storage space
  • camping equipment
  • jerry cans with tap
  • quality materials
Installation time
10 min.
Installation by
one person
Storage space
300 litres

Just for you

Removable camping unit that fits into your car. Simple conversion in 10 minutes.

Explore all the features, detail infomation or choose the modules and colors that suits you and enjoy your own Sitka.

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More than 25 models

(Transporter, Caravelle)

2015–till now
(Volkswagen T6)

(Transporter, Caravelle)

(Volkswagen T5)


2014–till now
(Mercedes W447)


(Mercedes W639)


2016–till now
(Fiat Talento II)


2016–till now
(Citroen Spacetourer)


2016–till now
(Citroen Spacetourer)


2016–till now
(Peugeot Traveller)


2016–till now
(Peugeot Expert III)

Tourneo Custom

2012–till now
(Ford Tourneo Custom)

Transit Custom

2012–till now
(Ford Transit Custom)

Trafic III

2014–till now
(Renault X82)

Trafic II

(Renault X83)

Zafira Life

2019–till now
(Opel Zafira Life)

Vivaro B

2014–till now
(Opel Vivaro B)

Vivaro A

(Opel Vivaro A)

Proace Verso

2016–till now
(Toyota Proace II Verso)


2016–till now
(Toyota Proace II )

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Adapting Visu Sitka for your van is simple and can be done in a few minutes. Contact us, we'll figure it out!

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