easy on the go cooking



70 cm wide workspace created for cooking, slicing or occasional dining. The space you really use.

Stable cooking

Thanks to the practical groove in the tipping table, the cooker stays in place. Of course, it can be taken out so you can cook up your dinner anywhere else.

Access from the inside of the car

You can get into the middle storage box not only through the fifth door but also from inside of the car while sitting at the table. So there is no need to go out when you forget something in the back.

Split storage space

The boxes storage space is divided – that is for better access and order. Also, removable organizers can be found in the middle box. These will remain in place while driving thanks to the grooves in the shelves.

Everything you need


The kitchen box is equipped with a stove with piezo ignition, cartridges, a set of trays, stainless steel cutlery and mugs for 2. Thanks to the tipping front side of the box, you can easily make a table of approx. 33 x 30 cm. The table has groove for ensuring the cookers stability.

Storage space

The tilting table of the middle box has a working area of ​​approx. 40 x 30 cm. The space inside is divided into 3 parts, 2 of them equipped with removable boxes. In the part section you will find a bamboo cutting board and plenty of space for your kitchen-to-go equipment. Thanks to the rear fabric removable side, the box is accessible not only through the fifth door, but also from the inside of the car with lifted table.


A total of 20 liters of water divided into two canisters for better handling. Both canisters have a handle and lid at the top for easier filling and a lower tap for comfortable water drainage.

Packed and ready to go

We do our very best for your carefree traveling. That is why our kitchen modules are equipped with what you really need. Everything stored and handy. And thanks to the modular system you can decide what to take with you this time.

Installation is very easy – just insert the box to the Sitka and tighten the expansion bolt. This allows you to pack everything in the comfort of your home and just bring it to your car.

Configure and buy

Removable camping unit that fits into your car. Simple conversion in 10 minutes.


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Seating and bed

Basic module of Visu Sitka. Thanks to its unique design, you'll get a bed and comfortable seating with table in one unit.

Storage space

Thanks to Visu Tashka, you don't have to limit yourself. 300 liters of storage space you can pack at home.

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Complete Visu Sitka and everything you need to know.

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