storage space on the road

that's Tashka

300 litres
of storage
attachment with
press buttons
easy access
via four lids
easy packing
and unpacking

Quick unpacking

You will appreciate Tashka especially when packing and unpacking. Thanks to its practical fitting with patents in the frame, you can put out and put in Tashka at any time. You can pack your stuff at home and then just bring it to the car.

Access anytime anywhere

On your journey, you'll have easy access to your stuff via opening lids.

Colossal space

The total volume of Tashka is 300 liters. Enough space for everything you need on the road.

Practicality matters

We make Tashka in 3 colors. Bottom is always black (due to maintenance practicality).

Configure and buy

Removable camping unit that fits into your car. Simple conversion in 10 minutes.


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Discover Sitka

Seating and bed

Basic module of Visu Sitka. Thanks to its unique design, you'll get a bed and comfortable seating with table in one unit.

Kitchen module

Do not limit yourself - cook anywhere with everything at hand. Clearly organized and yet compact.

Visu Sitka

Complete Visu Sitka and everything you need to know.

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