Sitka Sport

Camping module even for your van. In stock.

You'll certainly appreciate the opportunity to travel at any time you want. Sport model is still in stock. You can make a decision today and go tomorrow.

Sleeping, seating and storage

Sitka Sport offers a comfortable bed, seating with a table, but also a huge storage space of more than 330 liters. It is also easily accessible with two hinged lids, so you can pack even large things.

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One Sitka Sport to rule them all

One camping module. More than 25 car models.

A huge advantage of Sitka Sport is its versatility. If you'll buy a new van in a year or two, Sitka Sport will fit in with no problems.

(Transporter, Caravelle)

2015–till now
(Volkswagen T6)

(Transporter, Caravelle)

(Volkswagen T5)


2014–till now
(Mercedes W447)


(Mercedes W639)

Zafira Life

2019–till now
(Opel Zafira Life)

Vivaro B

2014–till now
(Opel Vivaro B)

Vivaro A

(Opel Vivaro A)


2016–till now
(Citroen Spacetourer)


2016–till now
(Citroen Spacetourer)


2016–till now
(Peugeot Traveller)


2016–till now
(Peugeot Expert III)

Tourneo Custom

2012–till now
(Ford Tourneo Custom)

Trafic III

2014–till now
(Renault X82)

Trafic II

(Renault X83)

Proace Verso

2016–till now
(Toyota Proace II Verso)


2016–till now
(Toyota Proace II )


2016–till now
(Fiat Talento II)

Comfortable sleeping

Sitka Sport features a spacious 137 cm wide bed with high-quality 8 cm cold foam mattresses. All mattresses are covered with a highly abrasion-resistant cloth (100000 cycles) and fastened with Velcro to prevent the mattress from moving.

Seating with table

It takes just a few seconds to convert your bed into a seating table. Lifting the middle section and tilting the support leg gives you comfortable seating with a spacious table about 40 cm wide. As a backrest, you can use two mattresses from the setting.

Huge storage space

In Sitka Sport you'll find a truly huge storage space of 2x165 liters, which is suitable for larger sports or work equipment. In long fabric bags, you can pack whatever you can think of from poles, tripods to ski equipment.

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Visu Sitka Sport

Visu Sitka Original

bed width

137 cm full interior width


8 cm cold foam 7 cm sandwich of hard and soft foam

mattress cover

removable, smooth easy to clean with low pile

storage space

2× 165 litres fabric bag 4× 75 litres Visu Tashka (with solid bottom)

storage space entry

2× huge hinged lids 4× hinged lids with strap

table and lids material

foiled ply wood ply wood with light grey HPL laminate

kitchen module

can be purchased in a set for a special price


1 596 EUR(excl. 21% VAT) complete pricelist

price from

2 200 EUR(excl. 21% VAT) complete pricelist

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