It's up to you.

We love to see how you customize your modules to create your unique home on the go.

We present a range of practical accessories and it's up to you what your ideal camping module looks like.



Waterproof, abrasion-resistant and ready for anything you set your mind to. Throw your Sitka in a durable coat and protect it from everything from dog hair to a muddy bike.

415 EUR +VAT

Sitka Plus Box

Practical box with drawer for everything you need to keep at hand. Along with the pull-out work surface, you'll find a handy 5l canister inside. For Sitka and Sitka Plus.

from 290 EUR +VAT


Compact awning with adhesive tape in dimensions 200×240 cm or 250×240 cm. Can be easily used on almost any car. Dimension of the packed Roofka ca. 100×15×7cm.


Sitka Bag

Two bags replace one single sack. Pack at home, just take to the car. Handles, solid bottom. You'll take one? Two? Three? Combine, stack, invent. It's up to you.



The hard-wearing mat with a rubber base measuring 116 × 171 cm fits perfectly under the camping module, levels out unevenness and protects the interior of the car when camping.