Visu Moie

VW Multivan is now more Multi

Create a home in your VW Multivan. Upgrade it with a kitchen module and a comfortable bed.

The MultiBox extends the VW Multivan/California Beach folding bench by an additional 62 cm to a full-size bed across the entire interior width. Together with the Visu mattress guarantees comfortable sleeping. The kitchen module offers cooking space and plenty storage space.

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Visu × Dogwanderer

A story about what one four-legged partner can teach you. About how travel doesn't have to be about the destination and home doesn't have to have an address. It can be wherever you make it.

Visu Moie

only for VW Multivan and California Beach

This module turns your VW Multivan into a small motorhome. It perfectly complements the standard folding bench into a comfortable bed, under which you'll find an equipped kitchen with a removable grill and a water tank.

Thanks to its proportions, it will leave plenty of space for luggage or 7 people in car.

Kitchen module

  • large working desk (100 × 50 cm)
  • removable aluminium box
  • 15 l canister with tap
  • removable grill/cooker

more about kitchen module

Visu comfort mattress

  • 3pcs foldable mattress
  • while driving its folded on Multibox
  • easy to unfold
  • levels out the bumps on the seat
  • comfortable cold foam

Storage space

  • between MultiBox and seats
  • under kitchen module
  • in aluminium box in sliding module