Kitchen module

Start the morning with coffee and end the day with a dinner from the grill. The pull-out kitchen module in our camping module is ready for everything. We haven't compromised on functionality or storage space, so you can take whatever you like with you.

  • gas grill with cooker in one
  • spacious work surface 100 × 50cm
  • 15 l canister with tap (no electricity required)
  • 35 litre aluminium box

The basis for cooking - cooker with grill

A grill that houses a stable cooker with wind protection. Under the grill itself, there is more than 20 litres of space for dishes and other necessities. This makes it easy to prepare tea and pasta, but also eggs or steaks. You can use the grill's screen to keep your mattress from getting dirty. Plus, the grill/coocker is removable so you can cook wherever you like.

Alu box

The sturdy aluminium laser-cut box with stainless steel stands and a capacity of 35 litres allows you to pack your supplies and cooking utensils at home and just bring them to your car. Everything is then hidden under the work surface.

Water in a canister always at hand

There is power in simplicity. And so the main source of water in the kitchen is a 15L canister that you take out, fill and put back in, all without the need for electricity.